Fitchburg and Leominster remain transit hubs of Worcester County. Though no longer the centers they once were, they still offer residents and visitors adequate transportation alternatives to driving. Many industrial and local workers continue to utilize the bus routes to get to and from work, and locals also utilize the routes to get to and from retail and housing districts. Train service is becoming increasingly popular, and talk of extensions has resurfaced as a result of increased ridership. Whalom Park remains, albeit in location only - after a series of fires, the remaining park structures were demolished in 2006 to make way for a proposed condominium development.

Whalom's Flyer Comet Demolition (Bob Cornellier)

Though it was no longer operated by a transit agency at its end, Whalom Park will go down as one of the great New England transit casualties of all time, alongside the likes of Boston's Washington Street Elevated, and the East Boston Ferry - relics of past transit glory that, while out of practical relevance, will remain in the lives of residents and visitors, in stories and memories, living on as great things that once were. Likewise, the whistles of Boston & Maine steam engines, the squeal of streetcars of the Fitchburg Street Railway and the whirr of trackless trolleys of the Fitchburg & Leominster Street Railway have been etched in the framework of the communities, and will forever echo throughout Northern Worcester County.

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